Internship Opportunities

Here at Launch, we have an internship program has been specifically tailored to help you develop skills that will help you seamlessly transition from the classroom to the boardroom. Together, we’ll go on a hands-on journey that will show you how to apply your skills and knowledge in the real world – crafting real experiences that touch consumers and corporate clients.

Operations Executive/Manager

Being the integral part of the operations team in the company, you will be responsible for the overall logistics and budget planning of the events under your portfolio. You will be in charge of sourcing, liaising and managing all related supplier and vendors to ensure that the quality of our event delivery remains top-notch. As the front face of the organisation, you will be required to manage the event’s on site activities which will include logistics and people management. You will also be ensuring that you work with the events operational budgets with a strong focus on cost efficiency. Most importantly, you will also need to ensure the smooth delivery of the pre-event preparations, on-site delivery and post event reporting to the client and organisation.